2017 Convention Materials
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Thursday, March 30, 2017
Ethics: I Know I Should Do Pro Bono, I Want to, But I Don’t Know Where to Start
Panel: Wallace B. Wason, Jr., John E. Whitfield and Karl A. Doss

Ethics Developments in Virginia
James M. McCauley

Friday, March 31, 2017
What Inspires Lawyers To Do Great Work
Bob Burke  *no CLE credit available for this program

Understanding Your Audience: Presenting Your Case to Millennials
Howard L. Nations

VTLA Annual Meeting
Articles of Incorporation

What We Are Learning About Protecting Your Verdict on Appeal in 2017
L. Steven Emmert

Offering Jury Instructions Outside the Virginia Model Jury Instructions
William C. Harty

Supreme Court of Virginia Panel
The Honorable S. Bernard Goodwyn
The Honorable Stephen R. McCullough
The Honorable William C. Mims
The Honorable Cleo E. Powell
Moderated by Mary Lynn Tate
* CLE pending

Effectively Dealing with Difficult Witnesses and Clients
Deborah Johnson

Luncheons (individual Section members only)
Family Law Section Luncheon
New Augmented Estate Laws in Virginia and Their Intersection with Family Law
Kimberley Ann Murphy

Workers’ Compensation Section Luncheon
Opt Out: How America’s Top Businesses are Trying to Gut Benefits For Injured Workers
Bob Burke

Criminal Law Section Luncheon
The Current State of Discovery in Virginia vs. The Intractable John L. Brady
Shannon Taylor and John C. Holloran

Long Term Care Section Luncheon
Learning from counsel in last year’s largest nursing home verdict in Virginia
Sandra M. Rohrstaff and Daniel W. Cotter *no CLE credit available for this program

Combined Sections Luncheon
8 Ways to Make Your Legal Writing Less Boring
The Honorable Douglas E. Miller, U.S. Magistrate

Bankruptcy – How It Affects Family Law Cases
Brian H. Jones

Bankruptcy – How It Affects Personal Injury Cases
Paul R. Hernandez

Equal Pay:  The Battle to End Compensation Discrimination for Women
Lori E. Andrus

How Immigration Status Affects Court Access
Lauren M. Ellerman

Uber’s Expansion into the Food Delivery Market and What it Means For You
Elliott M. Buckner

Virginia Law of Sanctions
Kevin E. Martingayle

Taking Killer Corporate Representative Depositions under FRCP 30 (b)(6) and Rule 4:5 (b)(6)
Ashley T. Davis

Judges Panel: Persuasive Pre-Trial Motions
The Honorable Lisa B. Kemler, Alexandria Circuit Court
The Honorable Stephen C. Mahan, Virginia Beach Circuit Court
The Honorable Steven C. McCallum, Chesterfield Circuit Court
The Honorable Richard E. Moore, Charlottesville Circuit Court
Moderated by Kyle McNew, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville


Saturday, April 1, 2017
“The Wrongdoing of Others”–Judge Gorsuch and Judicial Activism
The Honorable Timothy M. Kaine

Case Law Update
Stephanie E. Grana and Thomas G. Smith

iPad from the Office through Trial
Tad Thomas

Amicus Curiae Update
Norman Thomas and Andrea Geiger

The Law and Science of Eyewitness Testimony in Criminal and Civil Cases
Professor Brandon L. Garrett

Federal Law Update
The Honorable A. Donald McEachin

Legislative Update
The Honorable Mark D. Obenshain, Senate of Virginia
The Honorable William M. Stanley, Jr., Senate of Virginia
The Honorable David B. Albo, Virginia House of Delegates
The Honorable Gregory D. Habeeb, Virginia House of Delegates
The Honorable Terry G. Kilgore, Virginia House of Delegates